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Vicky Bassitt

I’ve been going to Duncan for a few sessions now, to deal with some anxiety issues. He’s been really supportive, non-judgmental and patient working with me and I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Hannah Stephens

Thank you Duncan. Very knowledgeable about eating issues and provided a calm environment which enabled me to explore my own ingrained habits and fears around food.

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Wow. Great service. Duncan Ddams helped me achieve in becoming a non smoker. Highly recommended.

Leah Newey

Helping me lose weight due to being furloughed and lockdown binge eating! Duncan put me at ease and I felt relaxed! He and sent me the recording so I can play it at night before I go to sleep. I am down 9lbs already! Would highly recommend!

Orla Murphy

I decided on a bit of a whim to give up smoking based on a friends positive experience and after explaining my situation Duncan was good enough to fit me at short notice. I absolutely loved the session. Duncan was encouraging, easy to talk to and established quickly my reasons for giving up and the triggers that might hinder me. The actual relaxation part was wonderful and I’d do it every week if possible! From the get go I felt differently about smoking, I didn’t have anywhere near as many urges to smoke and when I did I felt strong enough to resist them. These have diminished over the weeks to virtually none and i hardly ever think about it now. So that’s 3 and a half weeks no cigarettes for only £125.In that period I’d have spent more than that on cigarettes so I’m now in profit! If you re thinking about giving it a go just do it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Helen Webster

I recently had an appointment with Duncan and immediately felt at ease and relaxed .
The EFT session was fabulous and I know that with Duncan’s help I can and will overcome my anxieties.
Highly recommended.

Mark Suckley
Duncan has helped me immensely with my anxiety and phobias . I would highly recommend him to anybody . Duncan made me feel very comfortable .

Tony Nash
With the Covid jab looming & a needle phobia – something had to be done. After 2 sessions with Duncan I was relaxed & had it without problem. Would recommend him.

Rosie Jones
I wanted to stop smoking and was finding it difficult so I decided to try hypnotherapy. I contacted Duncan and arranged an appointment for one session and I am extremely pleased that I did. After walking out of the hypnotherapy session I haven’t smoked since and it has been 24 days. I have no urge to smoke at all. I would like to say a massive thank you to Duncan for all of his help.

Carl Baker
I visited Duncan to help me with giving up smoking. I had been trying to a long time, various different methods but nothing seemed to be able to give me that solid starting and support I needed. I phoned Duncan and he was immediately quite reassuring and honest, this was quite refreshing. I then met up for a 2 hour session with Duncan, this was nice and relax, very comfortable and above all effective. I would highly recommend Duncan and his services, he genuinely cares and this comes across in the service.

Jayne Byrne
Duncan is a great therapist and very easy to get on with, I was very dubious about hypnotherapy at first but Duncan very kindly called me and explained the process prior to my first session this meant that I was prepared and at ease before I got to my appointment. The sessions, 4 in total so far, were/are to help with my weight loss, which up until now I have managed to lose half of the weight I set a target for which is great. However, the sessions have also helped me to relax a lot more, which is something I could not do before. When I am feeling anxious or had a bad day I listen to the recordings to get me back on track (you receive a recording after each session). Duncan is very considerate and caring and keeps in regular contact with you to make sure that you are doing well and sticking to your program. I would recommend this type of therapy to anyone and should you have any doubts please speak to Duncan beforehand as he will always try to help you out or alleviate any reservations you may have. A good, professional and caring service 🙂

Katie Merriman
Before meeting with Duncan,  I didn’t really know what to expect from hypnotherapy but I was very impressed. Duncan did a great job of explaining the process to me and I really enjoyed the sessions. I am seeing the benefits following the hypnotherapy and I am well on the way to achieving my weight loss goal set at the start. It’s not a one-off service on offer, Duncan put thought and effort into planning sessions and provide literature and follow up contact. Highly recommended!

Sarah Beckwith
I’ve recently had hypnotherapy to lose weight. So far lost over a stone in under 4 weeks. Would recommend Duncan to anyone very friendly