Exam and Test Nerves

Whether it be for an examination or driving test. Then there is nothing worse than when you have worked hard beforehand by revising and practicing well, knowing that you have the knowledge and ability to pass the exam or test, for your performance to be undermined on the day, by nerves.

Those nerves that take you over so much that you are no longer are able to think clearly. Or the time on your driving test, when you started off well, but one slight mistake and almost panic sets in and before you know it you make more serious mistakes and the test is failed.

On the other hand it can just be the fear of failure that holds you back.

Hypnotherapy can help overcome these issues, by changing the way you think about the test or exam and providing coping mechanisms for the actual day itself. Normally two sessions of hypnotherapy are required for it to be most effective.

Solihull Hypnotherapy will happily see those young people aged 15-18, however Under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Your hypnotherapist has been DBS checked and evidence of this can be provided if required.