Weight loss and maintenance

Tried all those diets, but after initially being successful you went back to your old habits and just put the weight back on? And in some cases even more weight too? Can’t find the motivation to try and lose weight again? Then try a different way that can make real long-lasting lifestyle changes with our successful Hypnotherapy Weight Management Programme.

This comprehensive programme will help you change your relationship with what you eat and drink. It will also help you get motivated, to embrace positive long-lasting changes, become more active and make the right eating and drinking choices. It can help you achieve the more slimmer and healthier you and even more importantly stay that way.

Included in the programme are:

  • Five face to face 1-2-1 sessions with a trained Weight Management Hypnotherapist, tailored to you.
  • Specialist techniques to stop you eating and drinking unhealthily and stop excessive snacking
  • Detailed and substantial printed handouts, including healthy eating and nutritional advice
  • Hypnotherapy recordings that you can listen to at home, in-between sessions, reinforcing and building upon each session

After completing the programme there is also the option to have a virtual gastric band fitted (at an additional cost at normal hourly rates).

So if you want to make a real change to the way you look and feel then contact us today and take advantage of our Free Consultation, in which you can find out more about the programme and we will answer any queries that you may have.

Cost of programme

First appointment £65 (around 90 minutes long)
Subsequent appointments £55 (up to 60 minutes long)