Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

So you need to lose weight and you have tried numerous diets, but you just don’t seem to get anywhere? Well, it is time to try another way and join my comprehensive weight loss programme.

Firstly you will be coached by myself, Duncan Adams, someone who has recently lost over 3 stone in weight and has then kept it off. No longer classed as obese, Duncan will share with you how he did it and give practical advice and tips on not only how to shift those pounds, but to start making small lifestyle changes, that will benefit your health and further aid your weight loss.

This comprehensive programme will help you change your relationship with what you eat and drink. It will also help you get motivated, to embrace positive long-lasting changes, become more active and make the right eating and drinking choices. It can help you achieve the more slimmer and healthier you and even more importantly stay that way.

Included in the programme are:

  • In-person (or via online video link) 1-2-1 Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Specialist techniques to stop you eating and drinking unhealthily and stop excessive snacking
  • Giving you the motivation to lose weight and to stick at it
  • Deal with the root causes of why you overeat or drink, such as boredom, emotional or comfort eating
  • Use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Mindfulness, where applicable
  • Hypnotherapy recordings that you can listen to at home, in-between sessions, reinforcing and building upon each session
  • Ongoing support to keep you focussed and on track.

Ideally, it is best to have the first two sessions a fortnight apart and thereafter on a monthly basis. However, these timings can be amended to your own personal circumstances. Most people looking to lose weight see me for around 4 to 5 sessions spread out over the months.

Personal Experience

As part of the programme then as somebody who has lost over 3 stone in weight and kept most of it off, then I am well placed to advise you and provide suggestions on how you can also lose weight too. Below is a photo showing me on the left weighing in at over 16 stone, classed as obese and on daily tablets to reduce my then high blood pressure. The picture on the right with my daughter shows me 3 stone lighter,  no longer obese and no longer having to take daily tablets as my blood pressure has returned to within a normal healthy range. So if I can do it then you can too!

Duncan 3 Stone Weight Loss

Cost of programme

Each appointment £65 In-Person (Or £49 online)
A 10% discount is offered on the above prices if 3 or more sessions are paid for in advance.
The first appointment is around 2 hours long, subsequent appointments are up to 90 minutes in duration.

Enquire Today

So if you want to make a real change to the way you look and feel then contact me today and take advantage of my Free Consultation, in which you can find out more about the programme and we will answer any queries that you may have.