What To Expect

If you have never undergone hypnotherapy before, then it will probably not be quite how you envisioned it. After completing a standard consent form and taking payment, we will then spend some time getting to know you and the change that you want to make. We’ll explore why you want to make the change, what benefits it will bring to you and what has prevented you so far in making that change to your life.

We will then prepare you for hypnosis, by making sure you are sitting comfortably and that you are ready to start. The hypnotherapist will then through the use of their voice, talk and direct you into a state of deep relaxation. You will not be asleep during the period of hypnosis, in fact you will be conscious of what is going on throughout. You could if you wanted at any time bring yourself out of hypnosis, but this is unlikely to happen as most people find that they enjoy being in this deep relaxing state so much, that they prefer to stay there. It is during this period of deep relaxation that the hypnotherapist will make the positive suggestions to your subconscious mind, to make the life changes you require. The hypnotherapist will then gently bring you out of hypnosis. We will then discuss your experience and how feel, before you leave us to make your way home.

Therapy appointments usually last no longer than one hour and normally at least two appointments (preferably three) are needed  for the hypnotherapy to be at its most effective.