EFT TappingEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT – Tapping)

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or more widely known as tapping, is a very simple but effective therapy, for many issues and behaviours.

Nearly all of our behaviours and reactions are a result of past experiences, from which we have learned. However what may have served us well in the past, may not be applicable to the world that we are in now, or maybe even holding us back. When we again face a similar unwanted situation or event, not only do we react in the same undesirable way, but we also experience an emotion with it. So, for example, you may have been bitten by a dog when you were younger and you learnt from that to stay away from dogs. So when you are now introduced by someone to their nice friendly dog (the current situation), you automatically want to get away from the dog (the past learned behaviour) and at the same time feel fear (the emotion). Each time you experience being near dogs your subconscious will reinforce the unwanted behaviour as it wishes to keep you safe, even though the puppy is friendly and harmless. As it is reinforced each time you see a dog, the reaction will only get worse until just a thought of a dog brings out in a cold sweat.

EFT can firstly work effectively to take away the emotion from the thought, so in the above example, you would think differently about seeing a dog, so that instead of being scared, it wouldn’t bother you. It can also at times uncover the root cause of your problem by bringing back memories of when this first happened, which is usually sometime in your childhood. This can be important as most people can’t remember when it first happened or why they have developed this behaviour. By knowing when it first happened can allow you to view it and put it into perspective as an adult and you can understand as to why this shouldn’t bother you anymore.

EFT Tapping On Side Of HandUsing the same principles of acupuncture but without the needles. EFT stimulates the flow of energy along key channels within the body by gently tapping on what are known as meridian points. One of these is located on top of the head, whilst another is on the side of the hand. There are a total of 16 tapping points on the top half of the body. During a therapy session the client, copying the therapist will tap on each of these points in a particular sequence.

EFT can be used to help with a range of issues, including phobias, past traumas, food cravings, weight loss, anger, grief, anxiety and much more. Normally only one session is required and this costs £49.

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