Anxiety & Stress

Do you find that you spend a lot of time just worrying? That your mind seems constantly busy? Or at times you just feel that you can’t cope with all that you are required to do? Then you are not alone, as many people in the UK also suffer from anxiety and stress. If left to themselves then anxiety and stress can have a negative impact on your life and can also lead to health issues.

Anxiety and stress are some of the most common issues that we deal with here at Solihull Hypnotherapy.  The good news is that hypnotherapy has helped many people with their anxiety and stress, by calming the mind and changing the way that people think about the situations or triggers that lead to anxiety and stress. Thus allowing people to have and enjoy a better quality of life.

Solihull Hypnotherapy offers you a comprehensive programme, which not includes hypnotherapy for each session, but also incorporates other techniques such as Mindfulness. Some of the areas that are covered:

  • Understanding why anxiety and stress occur in people
  • Understanding what happens to the body when anxious or stressed
  • Identifying the reasons for/trigger points for your anxiety or stress
  • Providing long-standing techniques to quieten the busy mind
  • Giving you a clear space to put things in perspective
  • Preventing panic attacks from taking place
  • Providing techniques and strategies to cope going forward

Dependant on the individual the programme requires at least 4-5 sessions of around one hour each session to make the required changes. Ideally, these sessions should be around a week apart but can be a little bit longer if needed. Each session will include hypnotherapy.

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