The Oxford English Dictionary defines a phobia as ‘An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something’. This can apply to many situations from a fear of flying to being scared of spiders. However most if not all phobias that people experience have their roots in a previous bad experience or a learned behaviour that has been developed over time.

For example spiders that are found in Britain, cannot seriously injure or kill you. But if as a young child you watched your mother run out the room screaming because of a spider, then the likelihood is that you will run after her and so the fear of spiders becomes a learned behaviour for the child. This phobia is then often taken forward into adulthood, where we often forget the reason why we have the phobia in the first place. The fear of spiders is still very strong even though deep down we know that can’t hurt us.

Similarly you may have had at one an unpleasant experience on a flight. Even though you didn’t suffer any injury, the experience has made you unwilling to take another flight and this. Without you really thinking about it has developed into a phobia of flying. When you consider that each year over 2.5 million passenger flights take place in the UK, without any major incident, then the fear of something going wring is disproportionate to the reality. Now this may be a simplified example that could be other causes of the flying phobia, such as fear of being in an enclosed space, or not being in control, but we will work to identify the underlying causes and tailor the hypnotherapy accordingly.

Hypnotherapy in  just a couple of sessions can often make real difference to the way you think about your phobia and how you react to that situation. So call us today on 0121 769 0196 for more information or send us an enquiry.