Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy has been found to be one of the most effective ways of stopping smoking and stopping smoking for good. Duncan Adams of Solihull Hypnotherapy is an ex-smoker himself, so knows at first- hand what it is like to be a smoker, how difficult it can be to give up and then to successfully stop.

Smoking cessation at Solihull Hypnotherapy is normally just one single consultation and hypnotherapy session, which lasts up to 90 minutes. It costs £95, but considering how much cigarettes cost you will soon re-coupe your outlay, in the weeks and months ahead.

All that is asked of you is that you have a real deep desire to give up smoking. So ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, with ten being the highest, how committed you are to giving up? If you answer seven or below then hypnotherapy may not be right for you at this time, because without that real desire hypnotherapy may not work for you, as it doesn’t work for everybody. For those who have that real desire to give up it, then there is a far higher chance of success.

So if you are ready to throw away those cigarettes, start to rapidly improve your health, save money and feel a better person then contact us today.